Roy Bourgeois On Peace, Justice, and Equality

Peace, Justice, and Equality Journeys

Join Dignity/Washington on February 28, 3:00 PM at the Dignity Center for a lecture by Roy Bourgeois. Roy served four years in the military and received the Purple Heart medal in Vietnam. He is the founder of the School of the Americas Watch, and spent four years in prison for non-violent protest against the School of the Americas (SOA). In 2010 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. A Catholic priest for 40 years, he was expelled from the priesthood in 2012 because of his public support for the ordination of women.


With little more than the moral backing of his increasing number of supporters, Roy Bourgeois has waged and continues to lead battles for peace, for social justice against military oppression of the poor, and for the inclusion of women to full participation in the Catholic Church. For more information, you might wish to visit and

Two books you might also find of interest are:
1-Disturbing the Peace; The Story of Father Roy Bourgeois and the Movement to Close the School of the Americas, by James Hodge and Linda Cooper; Foreword by Martin Sheen.
2-My Journey From Silence to Solidarity; Why a Catholic Priest for 40 Years Was Expelled from the Priesthood, by Roy Bourgeois.

The Eastern Market Metro station is the closest one to Dignity Center. Feel free to bring friends. We look forward to seeing you there on Feb. 28!

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