Happy Easter from Dignity/Washington

The Dignity/Washington Board of Directors and Executive Committee would like to wish the Community of Dignity/Washington a blessed,
happy, and fulfilling Easter Season.

In Luke 24:13-35, we learn that two of Jesus’ disciples were walking from Jerusalem and came upon him, risen from the dead, though their eyes were prevented from recognizing him. They walk with Jesus, telling him of the events leading up to his own death, and they give him a place to eat and rest his head. Only then does Jesus reveal himself and cause them to hurry back to Jerusalem to relay the news to the apostles and other disciples.


How often are we blinded by hatred, depression, or feelings of worthlessness? How often do the words and actions of others cause us, as LGBTQ-identifying people, to feel as though hope is lost and that faith can no longer save us? On the contrary, what can we do or say when others are blinded by their hatred or ignorance toward our community?

If anything, the reading from Luke teaches us that, in the face of tyranny and a feeling of crucifixion, we should always keep faith alive and continue to be kind to one another – not just to members of our own community, but also to members of other vilified communities – so that we may come out stronger together on the other side.

For every discriminatory law or ruling, there is an exponentially greater amount of support shown to repeal it. For every tragic event or act of hatred committed against our community, there are acts of unity and reinvigorated feelings of love that shine through. I think back to the way thousands gathered after the tragedy in Orlando – specifically at the fountain in Dupont Circle – and I regain hope for the future, pride in who I am. I regain the energy to keep spreading our own Good News, in addition to the Good News we have always been taught to share. – Vin Testa, President, Dignity/Washington

Excerpt from the D/W community’s “Scripture and Story: Lent Through an LGBT Lens”

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