Coming Out: Our Own Exodus, Tues Nights During Lent

Join us at the Dignity Center, 721 8 St. SE, Washington, DC for our 2017 Lenten program. This year’s program is “Coming Out: Our Own Exodus”. We will start the evening with a soup supper at 6:30. Here are the topics we will cover each week:

March 7: The story of the Exodus – What actually happened? (Sort of)
Reading Prep: Exodus 12:1-37
Central Question: Why is telling the story so important?

March 14: God Initiates – How does God prepare people for freedom?
Reading Prep: Exodus 1-4, or 2:23 – 3:17
Central Question: What was life like before you came out?

March 21: The Moment – Everything is different; Why hasn’t anything changed?
Reading Prep: Exodus 14-16, or 14:10-31
Central Question: What was your coming out moment?

March 28: We’re free – Now that the rules have changed, what are the rules?
Reading Prep: Exodus 19, 20, 32, or 32:1-35
Central Question: How did your coming out change you?

April 4: The Promised Land – This is what I’ve waited for?
Reading Prep: Joshua 3:1-17; 5:10-12; 6:20 – 7:1 or 6:20 – 7:1
Central Question: How is coming out both a continual gift and task?

April 11: Remember this night – Are we seeing the world through “coming out” eyes?
Reading Prep: Deuteronomy 34:1-10; Selections of the Queer Seder
Central Question: Do I let the sacrament of coming out inform how I see the world?

Tuesday Night Schedule:

6:30 – 7:00 – Simple Soup Supper
7:00 – 7:15 – Ice Breaker
7:15 – 7:25 – Prayer with Scripture (selected from the readings for that day)
7:25 – 7:40 – Setting the Context (teaching about the story, applying it a bit to our lives)
7:40 – 8:20 – Discussion questions (variety of small group; partners and reporting back to the group, etc)
8:20 – 8:30 – Gracious Closure – final thoughts, questions and closing prayer (large group)

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