Dignity Celebrates SCOTUS Decision for Marriage Equality


After a Sunday Mass on June 28 where special thanksgiving was given to mark the historic US Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage across the country, Dignity/Washington Board Vice-President Vin Testa led the Dignity/Washington community and a large crowd of friends and allies in a toast to begin a special buffet celebration.

During the festivities Dignity/Washington was proud to recognize Vin whose photo, taken as he was waving the Rainbow Flag in front of the US Supreme Court building on June 26, was featured in the national editions of the New York Times the next day. This was the second time that a photo of Vin in a similar pose in front of the US Supreme Court was used in the national media: the first time two years ago when the justices announced their DOMA decision.

Congratulations Vin! Read the full article at:
Vin Testa at SCOTUS for Marriage Equality Ruling

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