Theologian Mary Hunt Speaks at Dignity Washington

Theologian Mary Hunt

Theologian Mary Hunt speaks to Dignity Washington

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Tom Bower, Dignity/Washington Vice-President, introduces Dr. Mary Hunt at the latest community conversation on the importance of the Eucharist and women presiders.

Noted theologian Mary Hunt and founder of Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) was the featured speaker in the most recent Dignity/Washington community conversation held on March 16 to study and reflect upon the importance of the Eucharist in the life of the chapter.

Another objective of the event was to discern whether Dignity/Washington will allow Roman Catholic ordained women to preside at its liturgies.



Dr. Hunt presented various responses from women of faith to the Washington, DC pivotal address of Sr. Theresa Kane, then president of the Leadership Conference of Religious Women, before Pope John Paul II in 1979, responses that continue to spark renewal and creative engagement today. The Q & A period sharpened the focus on several key considerations, including “do we need a presider to have a Eucharist?” and “how do we foster the emergence of a more horizontal form of leadership in the Church where there is a discipleship of equals that fully includes women?” More community nights like this are planned through the fall 2014 and will lead to a final decision by the Dignity/Washington Board. All are asked to include the community in their prayers during this discernment process.