Dignity/Washington Affirms that “It Gets Better” With Their YouTube Video

For several months Dignity/Washington members had been quietly discussing a community response to the alarming rise in bullying in schools across the nation.  Finally the idea crystallized that a YouTube “It Gets Better” video could be produced from the personal testimonies and words of hope of any and all community members who would want to sit before the camera. Promotion of the project quickly won community support and filming began six months ago.

A still shot of the D/W community members gathered for the It Gets Better video shoot.

Credit is due to member Tom Yates who led the production and filmed the people sharing their experiences and to co-member Blake Bergen who did the final editing.  The eight-minute video was put on YouTube right before the Easter Vigil Service held jointly between Dignity/Washington and Dignity/Northern Virginia. Says Dignity/Washington President Allen Rose: “It was a great way for us, as individuals and as a community, to provide a healing outreach in a new and different way.  If it helps prevent one LBGT teen suicide, then it will be a huge success.  Also, we benefited from sharing who we are with others.”  Allen also related the following reflection:  “I believe that putting together and sharing this video is a modern day example of the gospel story of the Visitation — people intimately sharing their struggles and joys with one another.  As a mystery that is part of the rosary, the Visitation exemplifies a sense of friendship and mutuality that is basic to who we are as a Catholic and Christian community.”  See the video below.

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