Dignity/Washington to testify in Annapolis, Feb. 10, 2012

On Friday, February 10th, the Maryland House of Delegates is holding a hearing in Annapolis on The Civil Marriage Protection Act of 2012. Testimony will be heard in two shifts: 9am-2pm and 2pm-7pm.  Our Chapter President, Allen Rose, will be in attendance from 9:00 on, to testify on behalf of Dignity/Washington. Other interested Dignity Members (and our Catholic families) are invited and encouraged to join Allen in attending and testifying at this hearing tomorrow.

Want to testify?  Can you, and if possible with Catholic family members – as a family, join Dignity/Washington and testify with us at the hearing? If so, please email our friends at Catholics for Equality immediately at admin@catholicsforequality.org.  Make sure you let them know you’re with Dignity/Washington!

Show your support We also need to fill the audience with pro-equality Catholics. Whether you hope to testify or not, if you can attend the hearing, we need you there. Please let Marylanders for Marriage Equality know you’re planning on attending.

Anti-equality Catholic groups like the National Organization for Marriage and the Maryland Catholic Conference are sure to be there, attempting to scare legislators into voting against loving and committed families. It is crucial that our voices are there to assure our policy makers that Maryland Catholics support fairness and equality, including civil marriage equality. This is one of the most important times we as Catholics can make a difference on this issue.

The Maryland coordinated campaign for marriage equality is especially hoping pro-equality African American Catholics who live in Maryland will come forward to testify.  If that is you, or anyone you know, please do what you can to help.

See you in Annapolis!

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