El Dia De Los Muertos at Dignity/Washington (2011)

Once again this year the Dignity/Washington Grupo Latino invited the entire community to observe November 2 as All Souls Day or The Day of the Dead, El Dia de Los Muertos. The day is traditional on the Catholic liturgical calendar when all the deceased are remembered and prayed for.  Following the customs of Mexico and other Latin American countries, the group built a beautiful altar at the Dignity Center displaying photos and mementos of their late loved ones and decorated with flowers, religious icons and favorite foods of their departed.  Far from being a somber day, it was entered into with a spirit of celebration inviting the presence and soul of those departed loved ones to join in the festivities of life and play.

Dignity/Washington’s 2011 El Dia de Los Muertos (All Souls Day) Altar at the Dignity Center on Capitol Hill (Washigton, DC)

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